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ACRE is the ideal material for bringing your vision to life.


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ACRE is the breakthrough building material you’ve been waiting for. It looks and feels like real wood—but it’s not. Made from upcycled rice hulls, ACRE satisfies the growing demand for sustainable choices. It’s as easy to work with as wood, but far more durable, both indoors and out.


Discover a groundbreaking new material that meets all of your project specifications.

Beauty, warmth and touch of
real wood

Water- and
slip resistant

Countless applications — both interior and exterior

Strength without
the weight

Better insulation than wood, both thermal and acoustic

Extreme durability and resistance to
the elements


ACRE isn’t wood or a wood composite. It’s a groundbreaking new material that will make your project stand out.

Introduce a unique idea to your market

Our patented technology melds together rice hulls—a natural wonder of waterproof strength and durability—with other ingredients to create a brand new material with extraordinary properties. You can be among the first to bring this revolutionary product to your market.

Build whatever you can imagine

ACRE is the ideal material for siding, trim, decking and more. ACRE sheets can be cut, curved, shaped and molded to fit countless applications, both exterior and interior. Or contact us for a custom order.

Save on labor costs

ACRE is as easy to work with as wood, and requires no special training or tools.

Bring the look of wood to wet applications

Imagine a sink or shower with the look and feel of wood.  Our unique formula resists water and slip-resistant. That’s why you’ll find it on docks, piers, ships and floors around the world.

Choose from endless finishing options

ACRE is avaialble in its natural state. Your customers can finish ACRE to their specification, taking advantage of top trends like multi-color planking.

Rely on our unmatched durability

ACRE is guaranteed to keep its beauty and color. It resists expansion and contraction, and will not crack, splinter, swell or rot. ACRE stands up to the elements—including UV rays, fire, water, salt, chlorine, insects and fungus—and keeps looking good, year after year.